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Baby Baptism Ceremony


Baptism is a new beginning.  In Martin Luther's words in the Small Catechism, "it brings about forgiveness of sins, redeems from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation to all who believe it".   


Baptism is a sign and promise of  God's abiding love for us.  Through baptism, God claims us as beloved children and heirs of the kingdom.  We are joined to the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and share in the life of Christ.  We are welcomed into God's family and welcomed as a member of Christ's church. 


Lutherans baptize people of all ages, including infants.  This is because we believe that baptism is essentially God's action for us, rather than our decision for God.  God chooses us first;  through the Holy Spirit, we are able to respond in faith, love, and trust.

Wedding Rings


Marriage is a solemn covenant of faithfulness, in which two are joined as one in the presence of God and the gathered community. The essential element is the promise that two people make to one another. In a Christian wedding, we ground those vows in God's word and promises, and surround the couple with  prayers and blessing. 


A Christian wedding is, first and foremost, an occasion to offer thanks and praise for God's faithfulness toward us. God created us to live in community and to love one another. God created marriage and family life as good gifts.  Yet we fall short and fail to live up to God's hopes and expectations. We hurt one another; we fail in our promises; our joy becomes a burden. Even so, God continues to bless and support marriage, so that our joy can be restored. 


Currently, weddings at BSULC can be held in the Family Life Center or outdoors on the church grounds. The Family Life Center is also available for wedding receptions and other family celebrations. 

Flowers Candles Funeral


Offering support to families as they loose a loved one is an important ministry in our faith community.   The Funeral rite can be offered in the church, the funeral home or in our memorial garden. The pastor will counsel the family and assist them in creating a service which honors and celebrates the loved one who has been returned to Christ. 

The church is able to offer a meal in the family life center for the cost of the meal.  The church fellowship committee will assist the family with the planning and making time to gather over a meal special. 


The memorial garden is a sacred space to scatter the ashes of a loved one.  Please talk to the pastor for fees and arrangements to use the garden. 

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